Our Alternative Energy Perspective

Reflecting my take on the universe of Alternative Energy, my growing body of posts are built around 3 themes:
1. Alternative Energy technologies and business ventures are important, exciting and
2. For an Alternative Energy source to make a significant impact on greenhouse gas, global warming or energy independence, it will have to convincingly display technical and economic viability without being subsidized by governments or a coterie of altruistic enthusiasts.
3. Hydrogen and electricity (as, for example, transportation energy) are not primary energy sources but are (perhaps) convenient means to convey and store energy from a primary source – fossil fuels, wind, solar and nuclear, …. Without a non-fossil fuel primary source, relying on hydrogen or electric cars simply transfer the greenhouse gas problem from tailpipes to factory and power plant smokestacks.


2 Responses to “Our Alternative Energy Perspective”

  1. orbifszisse Says:

    Nice information!! Will come back:D

  2. Tineunfavinge Says:

    Terrific writing. i will visit soon.

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