Cap-and-Trade on Carbon Dioxide?

Tom Friedman has a must-read editorial in this morning’s NEW YORK TIMES, whether you’re on the right or the left of the federal energy policy discussion. It’s a lucid discussion of “cap and trade” and the concept of a carbon dioxide emissions tax. As usual, Friedman clearly explains not only the nuts and bolts of the cap and trade argument, but the political ins and outs of making it happen.

Friedman’s bottom line – Drop the confusing, WallStreet-ish cap and trade proposal and use, instead a straight-forward CO2 tax to drive the growth of job-creating new energy technologies in the US.

Whether you’re on the right or left of the energy and environment arguments, it’s hard to justify a position that blocks American leadership in developing a new energy industry.

“Show Us the Ball”
Published: April 7, 2009


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